Sunday, November 7, 2010

Words I hate. Part 2

Ok. seems I got some good reactions from part 1 so here's part 2

1. "Kill"
I shit you not I heard a girl say this no more than 5 minutes before I logged in to type this. o clue what it actually means but from her tone I can presume she was using it to express disappointment at Dunkin' Donuts. I think it was a replacement for the idea that something was being overdone, or going into "overkill". possibly her patience.
EX. "Ya'll got cheese fries?"
"No? Guh! Kiiiillll."

2. "Swagg."
Before I continue with this I must first say FUCK SOULJA BOY. and for anyone who hasn't heard it, go listen to "pretty boy swagg" It'll help you understand my rage. Matterfact...

Moving on, Swagg is short for swagger, which isn't so bad, except that it's used in sentences as a noun.
Ex. "I got my swagg on."

3. "Go hard in the motherfuckin' paint"
What the bluberry fuckmuffins does this retarded bullshit mean!? I refuse to guess at the meaning due to the intense anger I feel at EVERYONE around me using it, in that exact phrasing. Here's the source for it

I think I hate rap now. Gonna go build a time machine and go back to the 80's, where rap being stupidly goofy was ok because everything was stupidly goofy.


  1. HOLY FUCK! I did not watch either of these videos before I put them up here.
    I'm black. I'm ashamed to share a skin tone with niggers.

  2. I agree with the swagg comment completely.

  3. In my opinion, all black rap sucks, it's just the way they sing it. To date, I still haven't found a single black person whose rap I like. Only real rap I've ever liked is eminem's, he doesn't sing about chicks, money and power, he sings about his life.

  4. I've got nothing against rap yet people should definitly get original and stop using terms they hear in a videoclip. I hear so many of these all day long at the school and this is annoying!

  5. come check out rap lyrics at my spot homeboy... 'swag' shud die

  6. rap is pretty shit nowadays...still some good ones out there tho

  7. Completely agree with all of these. They suck ass, especially "swag"