Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Words I hate. part 1.

Ok. No matter where you go there is going to be some form of local dialect or slang terms, correct? Yeah.
Well I live in the DMV, which is what locals will call the combination of DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Our train system connects all three areas. I dunno why. Silly metro.
Anyway we have some words and phrases here that I sincerely cannot stand. Starting with;

1. Guh.
I hate "Guh". It isn't a word so much as a verbal announcement of frustration. Usually used to convey to someone that you are indeed angry.
EX; "You stupid guy! You make me so....GUH!
I have no problem with making up words, ya won't find half my vocabulary in Webster's. But "Guh" is being used by an entire generation in place of actual words. They don't even learn the words they're replacing!

2. Wholetime
"Wholetime", from what I've been able to figure out, is a substitute for "meanwhile" that isn't quite synonymous.
EX. "Yo so I went to meet her at Foggy Bottom, Wholetime bitch was at Rockville. Now I'm Guh."
The problem I have with "Wholetime" is that it's multifunctional. I have a friend of mine who once in the same sentence used "wholetime" to signify that something other than expected had happened, as well as that she wanted me to pause. Say it out loud, you'll hear it.

3. "Fucked up part was"
Butter me backwards I HATE this phrase! It is never used to describe something worse than mildly inconvenient. It's always used to wrap up some long explanation, but ends up making it longer.
EX. "Yo so I got back on the train to meet her at Rockville, which takes like, an hour and a half to get there, and I should have left her there but whatever. I get there and everything's good till I call her cell. and find she went up the street to Mcdonalds and is walkin' back now. Fucked up part is she ain't get me nothin'.

O how I hate these words. And occasionally the people that use them.


  1. hahah yeah was pretty funny..Guh is pretty annoying i agree with you fully

  2. Yo, so me and my buddy Keith, we went to go see this Midnight Rider concert. Wholetime the bastards were drunk. The fucked up part was I paid 50 dollars for the ticket! Guhhhhh!

  3. "on so many levels" Oh god how I hate it.

  4. I must say that I've never encountered "wholetime" before, but I already hate it! :)
    .... Guh.

  5. The "me and my buddy Keith" comes from playing way too much Left 4 Dead 2 lol.

  6. I hear these words all the time. Gets annoying.

  7. Ha... funny. Is "Guh" s'posed to be like "Gah" like... OMGuh?

  8. Never heard wholetime, but I think if I did I would have a sudden compulsion to punch the person.

  9. I am way too familar with "guh"

    When I hear it I want to slap whoever said it. Especially when they say it in that half whine half scream GUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH