Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Words I hate. part 1.

Ok. No matter where you go there is going to be some form of local dialect or slang terms, correct? Yeah.
Well I live in the DMV, which is what locals will call the combination of DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Our train system connects all three areas. I dunno why. Silly metro.
Anyway we have some words and phrases here that I sincerely cannot stand. Starting with;

1. Guh.
I hate "Guh". It isn't a word so much as a verbal announcement of frustration. Usually used to convey to someone that you are indeed angry.
EX; "You stupid guy! You make me so....GUH!
I have no problem with making up words, ya won't find half my vocabulary in Webster's. But "Guh" is being used by an entire generation in place of actual words. They don't even learn the words they're replacing!

2. Wholetime
"Wholetime", from what I've been able to figure out, is a substitute for "meanwhile" that isn't quite synonymous.
EX. "Yo so I went to meet her at Foggy Bottom, Wholetime bitch was at Rockville. Now I'm Guh."
The problem I have with "Wholetime" is that it's multifunctional. I have a friend of mine who once in the same sentence used "wholetime" to signify that something other than expected had happened, as well as that she wanted me to pause. Say it out loud, you'll hear it.

3. "Fucked up part was"
Butter me backwards I HATE this phrase! It is never used to describe something worse than mildly inconvenient. It's always used to wrap up some long explanation, but ends up making it longer.
EX. "Yo so I got back on the train to meet her at Rockville, which takes like, an hour and a half to get there, and I should have left her there but whatever. I get there and everything's good till I call her cell. and find she went up the street to Mcdonalds and is walkin' back now. Fucked up part is she ain't get me nothin'.

O how I hate these words. And occasionally the people that use them.

Monday, October 11, 2010

My to-do list part 1

So I came up with this list of things I'd like to do.. let me know what you think of it. And remember that this is only part 1.

1. Find out if Hannah Montana does indeed have a perfume named "Teen Spirit"
2. If yes to the above, Kill Hannah Montana. Quickly. She does not deserve torture.
3. Start a magazine.
4. Update my Blog, Youtube, Facebook, once a week. (at least)
5. Develop Cancer. Then kill it. Become the cure for Cancer.
6. Kill and Eat at least 15 species of animal (aside from Human) that could easily do the same to me.
7. Acquire a pure silver spoon. Butt-fuck Paris Hilton with it. Take pics.
8. Record an album where all the songs have stupid long, but meaningful (if not silly) titles. For example "I dunno what that thing is, but I can make a bong out of it."
9. Have a hairstyle named after me.
10. Write a book on how I see the world.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

An apology to my fans

Ok so there are people following me and I haven't exactly been returning the favor like I'm supposed to. Wanna apologize about that but I'm not on a computer that often, so tend to reply to people that comment and leave the rest. I should have some more free time coming up on friday's though so maybe I'll make that my "Following day".