Monday, October 11, 2010

My to-do list part 1

So I came up with this list of things I'd like to do.. let me know what you think of it. And remember that this is only part 1.

1. Find out if Hannah Montana does indeed have a perfume named "Teen Spirit"
2. If yes to the above, Kill Hannah Montana. Quickly. She does not deserve torture.
3. Start a magazine.
4. Update my Blog, Youtube, Facebook, once a week. (at least)
5. Develop Cancer. Then kill it. Become the cure for Cancer.
6. Kill and Eat at least 15 species of animal (aside from Human) that could easily do the same to me.
7. Acquire a pure silver spoon. Butt-fuck Paris Hilton with it. Take pics.
8. Record an album where all the songs have stupid long, but meaningful (if not silly) titles. For example "I dunno what that thing is, but I can make a bong out of it."
9. Have a hairstyle named after me.
10. Write a book on how I see the world.