Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dirty bears

Ok, so Polar bears, they're big, they live someplace really cold, they're bears. And as every middle school kid knows, Polar bears are white. So why are Polar bears always so damn dirty!? They live in snow and spend a lot of time in it or swimming in a giant ice bath, So why is it that Every time I see a polar bear in a documentary the bear is always this dingy brownish color or worse, it looks like it just pissed itself and rolled out of bed without taking a shower.
Are polar bears a species of chronic bed-wetters? Maybe the people doing the documentaries just have bad timing and keep catching the bears before they get to take a bath. Do the bears care that they look pissy? Maybe it's a deterant to other predators like....Other polar bears?... Screw it these bears are nasty.
Fuck you piss bears! Ya look like the Sun in a snowstorm!

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