Saturday, September 18, 2010

Someone's gonna die for this.

So someone stole my scooter last night. I had it sitting in front of the front door to the apartment complex while I stayed inside and charged the battery, and someone stole it.
I think.
The towing company the rental office uses hasn't answered the phone yet so I don't know if they towed it yet.
It's my fault that I didn't put the chain on it, knowing that I'm the 'Hood, but I didn't think it would disapear without someone else having the keys. I've still got the battery too so it's pretty much a hunk of metal on wheels. Fuck.
It's not even my scooter, I'm borrowing it from my stepmother. And I still haven't told her about this. I'm trying to get it all fixed so I won't have too.


  1. Shit man.
    You need a chain dude, these days people would steal a goddamn dining room chair if it wasn't locked up